To Catch a Thief

I live in a quiet ‘burb in the hills around Los Angeles. I love my neighbors, my little house, the weather, everything! As far as I was concerned, I lived in Heaven. However, about a month ago, my rose-colored glasses were shattered. Someone stole some stuff from my garage area one night. My house doesn’t have a closed garage. It’s more like a carport. But I’m OK with that because my neighborhood is very peaceful and there’s very little crime – until now. One night, someone took my push-powered lawnmower and some other gardening tools. It wasn’t the value of the stolen items, but it’s the lost peace of mind. I mean, really, who steals a watering can?

I grow a lot of my own herbs and vegetables and I use my gardening tools all the time, so I had to buy replacements and find a more secure place to store them. I also decided to get a surveillance camera to point to my garage. I found the perfect surveillance camera system at iSellSpyStuff. I even installed it myself. It was a snap. Who says you need a man around the house?

I haven’t caught any burglars yet. I don’t expect they’ll ever come back to my house to rob me again, but it’s nice to know that I’ve got the cameras recording everything, just in case. In the evenings I scan through the recordings to see what’s going on during the day when I’m gone. I had no idea the neighbor’s cat spent so much time around my house. Now I know how my cat got preggers. I still have a couple of kittens up for adoption, FYI.

All you would-be-thieves out there, I’m watching you, so leave my watering cans alone!