My Visit To Houston

I’ll never move from my beautiful Los Angeles, California. First of all, you can’t beat the weather. It’s amazing. We take it for granted here until we visit somewhere else where the humidity just drops out of thin air on you, or the sun bakes you like a poor pie, or it’s so cold, your breath freezes right in front of your face. We have it really nice here, I have to admit.

That being said, Octobers in Houston can be OK. I just came back from Houston, and the weather was just gorgeous. I felt like I was home (less the hills of course). My friends took me to the arts and theater districts downtown. It sure looks different from the last time I was here 10 or so years ago. It’s a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the sights.

We also went shopping at the various shops and art stores on Montrose. The Montrose area was quite similar to my haunts in LA. I felt really at home. I loved it, and the people there were so friendly and inviting.

In the early evening we went back home, North of Houston. All three of us decided to get our nails done. Yes, I get my nails done on occasion. There’s a nail salon on every corner, it seem. There was a new nail salon in Tomball (yes, I stayed in a town called Tomball, get over it) that just opened just outside of my friends’ neighborhood, so we decided to give it a try. The owner was a wonderful host to our little group. The salon is beautiful and still has that ‘new store smell’. The staff was quiet, professional and thorough. They were all Vietnamese (no big surprise there). I would definitely go back if I lived around here, and I’ll probably go back the next time I visit Houston, er, I mean Tomball.

I had a great time visiting my friends in Houston. Fortunately the weather cooperated. I can’t wait to come back!